Project Top 10 TITANS of the SM/USM RU Metagame (LIST COMPLETE)


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Besides being broken af, at peak it was the major reason why spikes were impossible for a long period, was really good from right out of beta to when it got really stupid and banned. Wasn't here for that long compared to others since it left a few months before USM but it had an impact on the tier that isn't really comparable at this point of the list


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bark bark imma shark, agreed - i was moreso thinking of Milotic, but lookin' back @ the entire gen7 RU impact I think Sharpedo had a more influental impact than the other water-type Milotic has. so there we go, sharpedo.


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reading Sharpedo in this thread gave me some real bad PTSD that meta was godawful

please vote for Shark, then probably Milo that mon was just lame all the way through

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